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Game Slice 2022 ( 報名截止:09/02 EST 2022 ) 2022.09.20(星期二) 20:00 ~ 2022.10.06(星期四) 5:00

Game Slice 2022 ( 報名截止:09/02 EST 2022 )

2022.09.20(星期二) 20:00 ~ 2022.10.06(星期四) 5:00





Game Slice


Game Slice 是專門辦給未發售遊戲或 early access 遊戲,以類似競賽 + 業界人士試玩意見回饋的活動。2021 年的贊助商包含有:任天堂、Ubisoft、Unity、、等公司,活動還有任天堂特別賞。


活動相關時程:( 官方 FAQ )

• 遊戲評測 - 09/20 - 10/06 ( Digital Playtesting - September 20th - October 6th 2022 )

• 線上直播 - 10/04 - 10/06 ( Digital Stream Event - October 4th - 6th 2022 )

• 試玩 Playtester 報名截止日:09/16 5:00 PM EST

Registration for Playtesters

• 參展商 報名截止日:09/02 5:00 PM EST

— Registration for Exhibitors



Back for its seventh year, Game Slice offers game industry professionals a space to gain valuable feedback from their industry peers in a collaborative and exciting environment. Due to COVID-19, Game Slice will be online.


2022 Online Strategy

Game Slice 2022 will be using an interconnected environment of Discord Services and Twitch Streaming to provide the best environment possible for exhibitors and attendees.


Why playtest unreleased games?

When we game industry professionals get together we always end up sharing the many highs and lows of the development process. Doing this during the development process provides valuable feedback from industry peers going through the same development challenges.


Game Slice provides a structured format to show your game behind closed doors and help shape the future of your game at any stage of development.


Who's invited to playtest?

Game Slice is a private event for Corporate Game Studios, Professional Game Developers, and Indie Game Developers.

Additionally, exhibitors can choose to allow students to attend their booth.